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My experience on Monhegan was so very expanding for me artistically and personally. It opened me up to new ideas and ways of addressing my art and themes. 
Jacqueline Baldini runs a gentle workshop where all are  welcomed.
She is a competent, knowledgeable and sure-handed instructor. 
I admired greatly her art-- both watercolor and  oil--and her clear and sincere interpretations of the scenes at  hand. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Baldini workshop.
Jacq facilitates a wonderful week of art. 
If you ever get a chance to attend, don't hesitate. 
Thanks Jacq, you are the best.

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I heard about Monhegan on visits to Maine. I have visited the island twice for a week to attend two Baldini workshops.

"Ice House" Ron 
                For all who don't know Jacquiline she is a very lovely woman who gives her all in her workshops. My trip to Monhegan was amazing to say the least. Everywhere I turned there was something to paint and artists abound this tiny island as if the island were owned by artists. It was a crowning point in my art career to be with Jacky and the friends that I met there and will be treasured for years tocome. Jacquilines expertice with painting En Plein Aire captured my heart and soul and it will capture whoever should attend one of her workshops. I will try to get back to Monhegan again for the experience was a joyful one and also my stay at the Trailing Yew.
   From:     Ron R
Deborah Cavenaugh
At the end of the week students had a plein air art show at Pierce Cottage showing the fruits of the 5 days of painting.
                     I took some photos of                             exhibit. Will send.
                     Enjoyed working with                            you.

                     Your Suuuth'n student,
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It was a great workshop!! You were a super leader (and excellent critiques)... The group was lots of fun!!!
I came away with some good material...
I really enjoyed meeting you...the workshop was everything I hoped for...
I'd like to do it again, if possible .
D Seymour
Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop on Monhegan  - Everything was perfect & I've worked on some of my sketches to make a finished painting. Thank you for your brochure for the St. Lucia workshop   & I plan to go.
N Rutter
P.S. I have a painting juried into Pastel Society Show ,NYC
Pastel by Debbie Seymour
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