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Plein Air Painting Art Workshops in Niagara Falls,Ontario, Negril Jamaica and Monhegan Island, Maine . 
Which art workshop whispers to your soul? 
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Want to know the 
10 Secrets to a 
Great Workshop Experience ?

1.  Pick a Location that appeals to you. 

Is there someplace you've always wanted to go? What better way than to spend the time there doing something you love in the company of other artists?

2. Look at the organization of the workshop. 

Is transportation or organization at painting sites included? or will you spend precious painting time driving around looking for places to paint? Or better yet, looking for the class? Is the class limit reasonable , or will you be vying for attention with 20+ other participants?  Is the painting schedule flexible to allow for non planned opportunities?

3. Look at the work of the instructor.

Does the work represent a direction you would like to go in? or perhaps try something new to give your work a jump start?

4. Come to the workshop with an Open Mind

 A workshop is a place to try new techniques and ideas.
If you approach the workshop starting in doing what you've always done, the way you've always done it, you defeat the purpose of the new experience, saturated in creativity.
A workshop is not a place to show off your skills. 

5. Keep a journal

I ask my students to begin a journal 3-4 days before the workshop and continue it for at least that long after they get back home. The journal should be something you keep for yourself. Don't use this as a textbook, be personal. Write down your goals for this workshop. 
This will enable you to relive your workshop experience when you need your memory jogged.

6Bring a camera/cellphone

Record your travel, your painting locations and any demos your instructor may do. Sometimes it's the little things you may miss that makes a difference.

7. Ask questions

No such thing as a silly question at a workshop.  
No questions... no answers!
And the person next to you may have the same question.

8. The Cookie Cutter Syndrome

If your instructor specifies that you use ( for example) 
the exact pallette that they do, you're not getting individual attention. An instructor should meet you ''where you are' in terms of your painting knowledge. This is not to say a beginner or someone looking for guidance in buying supplies should not take instructor's suggestions. Some fantastic painters are not necessarily good instructors. You've all seen classes of 'cookie cutter' students where you can pick out the instructor 
by looking at the work the class has done.

9. Network - Be a Sponge

Rarely do you have the opportunity in a creatively charged atmosphere where you will eat, sleep and breathe painting.
The osmosis in such an adventure is amazing!
Take the time to know your fellow students, some of the most enduring friendships are born in a workshop.

10. Don't expect finished Paintings

If your goal is to come away with finished paintings, you're going to miss a lot of stuff! 
It's tempting for all of us to do this.

A. You may not be experienced painting outdoors and may be overwhelmed by the information in front of you. Give yourself some slack time to adjust. If you have normally painted in a studio, you will now be doing problem solving 'on your feet'.  

B. Use Professional Materials
Don't let your struggle be with inferior student grade paints and supports. Buy a few good artist grade materials instead of a store full of cheaper supplies.

C. If you put your energy into 'finishing', you're missing your next great painting. 
It may very well be your "AH HA" painting!

The Best thing I can give painters at my workshops is a  "Pocketful of Seeds" to take home...
tools that you will have the week after you get home, and the week after that, when you're problem solving on your own.

All artwork and writings are copyrighted by the artist in accordance with title 17, United States Code.
Images and writings on this site are for viewing purposes only. Wrongful downloading for commercial or personal use will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  

LOCATION:   Sunset at the Palms - Negril, Jamaica
85 Luxury Guest Treehouses  !! 
for info on the resort 
contact your favorite travel agent to book resort/flight 

Permission Granted workshop fee only
3 day art workshop $ 497.95
2 day art workshop $ 397.95

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All mediums welcome
Demos in Watercolor/Gouache
workshop only

participants are responsible for their own art supplies/lodging and travel arrangements.

Travel/arrangements are responsibility of individual
We suggest travel insurance in case of emergency or covid related, etc.

Workshop only cancellation policy for the Jamaica January 2023 Workshop:*
 if cancelled within 30 days of workshop
amount paid to date minus PayPal fees .

Cancellation less than 30 days amount paid to date minus PayPal fees and $ 50.00 processing fee

Watch for the chance
to paint one of the 
locations in
North America  !

Niagara Falls
Summer  & Fall


Watercolor Journalling
Do you want to 
Achieve drama in your composition ?
Simplify chaos on location ?  

Learn the value of underpainting ?
 Stop overworking your paintings ?

Niagara Falls, Ontario CANADA
art workshops outdoors
Paint at Niagara Falls and experience the 
Majestic Power! 

Click HERE for more info


Niagara On The Lake
Watercolor Workshop

Workshop  Title : Problem solving  ‘on your feet’ en plein air painting 

Description : 
5 day working on location workshop to help you achieve a higher level of creativity in your painting. 

Demo/lectures - describing why a particular location and subject are chosen. 

You will learn to create a strong composition/foundation before you applying the color .

This is your value plan for your painting. Outdoors lighting can change quickly - 
getting your composition is important.

This is not the same as doing a detailed drawing, it's the lighting pattern you must capture !

Ever wondered why your finished painting bears little resemblance to the excitement you felt when starting 
your painting ? Find out how to 'plan your painting ' so this doesn't happen to you.

Learn the techniques required that let you capture the excitement of your scene.

Students will work on location . Typical work day is 9 - 4pm 

Goals : Students at the end of a 5 day workshop will be able to recognize a strong composition and see 
values using grisaille. This will enable them to make decisions when doing problem solving on their own, 
painting on location. 
Grisaille studies, directly on canvas will enable students to commit to a composition and value plan instead 
of constantly adjusting their values and shadows, commonly known as ‘chasing the light’. 
This eliminates the 
also common fragmented , unfocused  painting. 

Visualization sessions are part of this workshop and discussions will explain the mind, body connection 
in your personal painting journey.

Experience level :  All

Prerequisite Student Skills:  It is suggested that beginners have the experience of at least one drawing 

Student Supplies Materials: The workshop is taught using a limited primary color pallette. 
A complete list of suggested oil & acrylic pigments is supplied upon registration. 
Canvas board or stretched canvas 12 x 12 or smaller. A support for canvas and carrying materials.
 Incidental list also provided. A painting umbrella is strongly suggested. 

Class maximum : 15 students 

Registration online requires payment by Paypal - no account required 

Your privacy is important to us and we do not sell, share or otherwise divulge any information submitted to us
You can visit my website at  http://jrbaldini to view my Gallery of Paintings
and my NEW BLOG is here
*$175.00 US deposit required pp to hold your space in the workshop.

$175.00 US deposit required pp to hold your space in the workshop.
Balance is due 30 days before start of workshop. 
For registrations made less than 30 days from event, full amount is due at time of registration. 
Full refunds available up to 45 days from start of workshop - minus a $50.00 processing fee.
Less than 45 days from start of workshop, we regret refunds are not available due to advance reservations.
Non painting companions welcome!

You can Call us toll free Mon-Sat EST 9-5 at 1 800 393-7270
Questions ? Call Mon-Sat EST 9-5 at 
1 800 393-7270

 workshop payable by Check or PayPal - No PayPal account required

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All workshops are outdoors with social distancing & any other required regulations
Paint & Play
Negril, Jamaica
Jan 9 - 11, 2023
Jan 9 - 10, 2023